We have featured our main products below; however, we offer purely customizable displays and have a large variety of additional products available to meet any display requirements.



ULTRA displays offer unsurpassed brightness and stunning, high-resolution images. With an industry leading 8000 to 1 contrast ratio and its 16:9 aspect ratio, the ULTRA is compatible with HD and 4K resolutions.

  • Sub-1mm pixel pitch and 100% seamless design
  • Brilliant image quality
  • Brightness and colour uniformity
  • Integrated redundant power supply
  • Engineered for 24/7/365 operation
  • Front and rear access for easy maintenance
  • A wall mounting thickness of only 64mm
  • Light weight design which is 25% lighter than conventional displays
  • Intelligent modules that allow us to achieve comprehensive monitoring, smart data backup, one-button reset, automatic calibration and arbitrary rotation of pictures

lav x


LAV X displays are one of our most versatile products and comes in a high resolution sub-3mm pixel pitch.

  • 32.9 innovative panel size that is fully customizable
  • 160 decree super wide viewing angle
  • Independent power supply and data input modules
  • Front and rear access for easy maintenance
  • Panels support front and rear installation techniques
  • Automatic image calibration
  • Both vertical and horizontal panel wiring options

lola pro


LOLA PRO displays offer both indoor and outdoor capabilities and feature large panel sizes that are light weight and offer hassle free installation.

  • Sub-5mm pixel pitch for indoor use and sub-10mm pixel pitch for outdoor use
  • Flat and curved cabinets are available for various concave and convex displays
  • Very high precision cabinets and extremely durable
  • Front and rear access for easy maintenance
  • Brilliant image quality and outstanding reliability

blue series


BLUE SERIES displays are made with a patented high protection grade mask design, making them both waterproof and dustproof. The BLUE SERIES displays are intended primarily for outdoor displays and offer unrivalled reliability and image quality for their intended purpose.

  • Sub-10mm pixel pitch for outdoor use only
  • Uniform colour and high contrast ratio for high picture quality
  • Super wide viewing angle
  • Anti-UV modules to ensure no deformation under direct sunlight
  • Dual channels for heat dissipation
  • Stable signal and power supply to ensure safe and reliable operation

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